Thursday, 20 October 2011


As a child, the only boots I had were wellies and I hated them!  They were cold and flapped against my skinny bare legs - no joke in an Edinburgh winter.  As a teenager in the 60's, I naturally had white PVC knee-length boots teamed with a mini skirt - again no joke in an Edinburgh winter. 

For many years after that, I never wore boots - I had such skinny legs that I could never find boots that fitted properly and when they flapped about it reminded me too much of my childhood wellies.  However, when I acquired a dog about 10 years ago, wellies became a necessity.  I discovered the wonderful Aigle boots - not cheap but supremely comfortable.  In fact, I was dithering one day about shoes to wear for a day out and Gerry said "what are your most comfortable shoes?" and I had to confess it was my wellies!

A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of very cheap ankle boots to wear with jeans and that started my current addiction to boots!  I can't resist trying on boots everywhere I go and I currently own 6 pairs.  My latest acquisition is a pair of dark red ankle boots with stiletto heels and impossibly pointed toes - gorgeous.  Gerry wasn't the slightest bit surprised when he asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said BOOTS!


  1. Well you've started at the bottom and will have to work you way up now!! I also like boots but I only wear footwear I could run in - unlikely though that might be. Ankle high boots are just perfect for me and avoid those fat calves too so I have back to the blog ..I was thinking a David Viner meets Year in Provence or something...

  2. Heather, Having been shopping with you I surprised you only have 6 pairs!!

    What a great idea I look forward to future instalments..

  3. I've done a recount, Chris - I actually have 7 pairs!